Rising to the challenge
ROCKWOOL Sustainability Report 2015

Rising to the challenge


The ROCKWOOL Group is rising to the challenges also addressed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability Report 2015

The Report highlights the Group´s new approach to sustainability which is founded on the framework “Rising to the challenge” and follows three basic principles:

  • Sustainability will be at the heart of ROCKWOOL’s growth
  • ROCKWOOL Group products deliver against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The ROCKWOOL Group has committed to six ambitious sustainability goals


The Report outlines ambitious internal goals which the organisation will meet by 2030, while bringing to life the many ways in which the products address pertinent global issues from energy efficiency to water usage.

The ROCKWOOL Group’s internal and external sustainability strategy has been carefully developed as part of the company’s transformation, and is designed to focus efforts where they can have the most salient impact.


Rising to the challenge

The era of sustainability as a “nice to have” is over, if it ever truly existed. A number of forces, from society's evergrowing insight into the causes of climate change, to 2015’s COP21 commitments and the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals make clear where the tide of history is taking us. Today, sustainable business is both a business and human imperative — we must all be sustainable to thrive.

The ROCKWOOL Group’s product portfolio is perfectly placed to tackle many of today’s biggest sustainability and development challenges. From energy consumption to noise pollution, water scarcity to flooding, our solutions help our customers address many of the big issues of modern living. Our range of products reflects the diversity of the world’s needs, supporting our stakeholders in reducing their own carbon footprint along the way.

Embedding sustainability in our business is about the overall impact our products have on the world. Key to this is integrating circular economic principles into our activities. We seek to minimise any detrimental impacts of our products from cradle to cradle, assessing them for durability while ensuring that our products can be easily removed and recycled into new stone wool solutions when a building has reached the end of its life.

For the ROCKWOOL Group, sustainability and safety go hand in hand. We are committed to enriching the lives of everyone who comes into contact with our products.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to anything that could potentially jeopardise the health and safety of our employees, those installing our products and those living in and using the spaces our products help create. We are proactive in constantly striving to improve policies and procedures to reduce risks and increase the safety of our employees and stakeholders.

My team and I are dedicated to continuously improving the sustainability of our production processes, and our products’ positive impact on the world. To set this commitment in stone, and make it meaningful to our global employee and customer base, this year we are announcing 6 ROCKWOOL Group sustainability goals across four themes where we feel we can have the most significant initial impact:

  • Climate change and energy efficiency

  • The circular economy

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Water management

We are both privileged and conscious of the fact that the ROCKWOOL Group can play such an important role in shaping a more sustainable society. The team is committed to further integrating sustainability into our business and into people´s lives. Throughout their lifespan the ROCKWOOL Group’s products typically save between 80 and 1,500 times the carbon emissions emitted during their production. These CO2 savings are achieved every time most ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is installed.

We thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy reading the report.

Jens Birgersson,
CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group

Jens Birgersson, CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group Jens Birgersson, CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group


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